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Visit Reumerts at Bogense Harbour and enjoy a delicious buffet or a la carte menus and a fantastic view - open all year round!

Welcome to the place where the sky and the sea meet…  Reumerts is located on the eastern pier between Bogense Marina and the old harbour in Bogense, and here you can enjoy delicious food and a stunning view.

The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner.

At Reumerts you can enjoy a delicious buffet with starters, a fresh salad bar, several kinds of meat menus and potato dishes and homemade salads and dressings.

Or try an a la carte menu with Allegården Chicken or bison meat. Reumerts is a good, solid family restaurant where the customer experience is in focus.

Opening hours

Reumerts is open all year round.

See opening hours and book online at reumerts.dk

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