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An invisible experience: New artwork in Dallund Castle's park

Experience a new dimension of art in Dallund Castle's park with a groundbreaking invisible sculpture by renowned artist Ove Skjulskov!

Dallund Castle makes a unique mark on the North Funen art scene with a new, groundbreaking work by renowned artist Ove Skjulskov. The work, an invisible sculpture, challenges our preconceptions of art and invites us to a whole new experience in the castle's beautiful park.

Bjørn Bahnsen's vision

The director of Dallund Castle, Bjørn Bahnsen, wanted the park to have a work of art that would attract art lovers, locals and tourists alike, while at the same time emphasising sustainability. With Ove Skjulskov's invisible sculpture, he has found the perfect tool to realise this vision.

What is an invisible sculpture?

Ove Skjulskov's invisible sculptures are conceptual works that play with our expectations of art. They are not physically visible, but exist in the imagination of the viewer and the context in which they are placed.

An invitation to reflection

The invisible sculpture in Dallund Castle's park invites us to reflect on our surroundings and the role of art in our lives. It challenges us to see with new eyes and to be open to new experiences.

Visit Dallund Castle and experience the invisible sculpture

We encourage everyone to visit Dallund Castle during the next holidays and experience the invisible sculpture on their own. The work is accessible to everyone during the park's opening hours.

Souvenirs and events

During events at Dallund Castle, it will be possible to buy souvenirs related to the invisible sculpture. We hope that this unique piece of art will inspire and engage visitors from all over the country.

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