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Fyns Jagt og Beklædning

Fyns Jagt og Beklædning is located a little outside Bogense close to Skåstrup Strand. In the beautiful surroundings, you'll find a shop with a wide selection of equipment for hunting, fishing and other good experiences outdoors.

At Fyns Jagt you will find equipment for hunting, fishing and outdoor life.

You'll get good personal service and guidance for exactly what you need.

The shop has a good selection of weapons, ammunition, hunting clothing, boots, and other equipment for hunting, fishing and other good nature experiences.

There is an indoor shooting range, and the shop is happy to help with your hunting rifle and is happy to install new binoculars while you wait.

Let your good experiences start at Fyns Jagt.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday at 10 to 17.30

Saturday at 10 to 12.30


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