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Egeby Frugtplantage

Egeby orchard offers delicious apples and pears, plums and sweet cherries in season and apple juice, cider and much more all year round!

Apples, plums, pears and sweet cherries

The orchard was established in 1962, and they have apples, plums, pears and sweet cherries. The plantation is located at the top of North Funen, close to the scenic Flyvesandet beach. It is worth visiting as the plantation has a small farm shop where you can buy fresh fruit and many other products, depending on the season.

Today, it is the 2nd generation that has taken over the plantation, and they have planted more, so that there are apples and pears on 2/3 of the area. They have planted different varieties, so the picking period extends from around 10 August to 1 November - and then there are cherries and plums. The long rows of fruit trees are a beautiful sight.

Opening hours

The farm shop is open every day from 7 a.m.-midnight.

You can buy: Organic apples, Belle de Boskoop and Ingrid Marie. Organic apple juice in bottles, bag in a box with 3 liters or 5 liters. Conventional apples, Elstar and the new variety Jonami.

Pears, honey, various jams and crab apple jelly. Apple juice, apple-pear juice, apple and sea-buckthorn juice, apple-blueberry juice, in bottles or 5 liter bag in box.

As well as gifts in various price ranges.

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