DreamBalloon Cup 2021

From 10-14 August you can see no less than 15 giant hot air balloons in the sky over North Funen at the DreamBalloon Cup 2021!

It will be amazing to see the big balloons rise into the air to fly over the beautiful nature of North Funen, when Danish balloon pilots and their balloon teams compete for the top spot in precision flying.

And the balloons are huge. The defending Danish champion Christoffer Mundt is a balloon skipper in a balloon of almost 2,200 cubic meters and almost 20 meters high.

You can see the large and impressive balloons - depending on the weather and especially the wind direction - from most of North Funen when the planned morning and evening flights take place.

Get really close to the big balloons

Everyone is welcome to stop by the convention centre at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm, one of the largest in Europe of its kind from 10 to 14 August. Here you and your family can get close to the big balloons, enjoy the beautiful nature, eat your packed lunches or maybe a delicious bison sandwich. And then of course you can see the impressive bison.

Morud turns 600 in 2021, and one of the many planned birthday activities is the DreamBalloon Cup 2021.

That's why the convention centre is located on Ditlevsdal Bison Farm in Morud.

How do you follow the Danish Championships in ballooning?

If you want to get a little wiser about hot air balloons, the sport of ballooning and how you can follow the prelude to the competition - click here.

During the event, you can follow where and when the balloons fly on the Facebook page “DM Ballon”.

See the results as they're coming in via WatchMeFly.