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Dallund Castle Rose Garden

Dive into a sea of colours and scents when Dallund Castle in the middle of Funen opens the doors to its brand new rose garden from 7 July to 18 August 2024!

Embark on a sensory feast for eyes and nose in the new rose garden at Dallund Castle!

With more than 4,000 roses in over 400 different varieties, it is one of Denmark's largest rose gardens and a must-see for all garden lovers and rose enthusiasts.

A Journey Through Roses

The beds are arranged so that you can take a journey through the different groups of roses found in the modern garden range. Approximately 10 roses of each variety have been planted.

The roses planted in 2024 in the first phase of the construction are a selection of the varieties that can be found in Nordic gardens in various climate zones: From the mild Funen climate to the polar northern Sweden/Norway.

What can you see in the rose garden?

  • Modern Large-Flowered roses from various breeders, including the Funen-based Rosa Eskelund and Roses Forever, the world's only female rose breeder.
  • Modern Shrub roses from various breeders.
  • Castle and Palace roses, bouquet-flowered roses from the Danish rose breeding company Poulsen Roser.
  • Towne and Country roses, a ground-covering type of rose in different heights from Poulsen Roser.
  • Renaissance roses, full-bodied and intensely fragrant roses from Poulsen Roser.
  • Courtyard roses, vigorously growing roses from Poulsen Roser.
  • Canadian roses, bred specifically for hardiness and with wild genes.

Visit the rose garden

Open from July 7th to August 18th, daily from 10.00 to 17.00.

Coffee and cake can be purchased.

Don't miss a lovely walk on the rose path at Dallund Castle and a walk around Lake Dallund in front of the castle. Enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and castle, rose park and relax on the benches around the lake.

A unique partnership

The rose garden is the result of a fruitful partnership between Dallund Castle, the North Funen Rose Festival and plant nursery Grønløkke Planteskole. Together they have created a beautiful rose garden that is both a tribute to North Funen's proud rose production and gives the public access to a unique assortment of roses.

75% of all Danish garden roses are produced in North Funen, and Grønløkke Planteskole is one of Scandinavia's largest rose producers. At the North Funen Rose Festival in the first weekend of August, Bogense is decorated with over 100,000 roses each year. Dallund Castle is a 500-year-old historic castle that today serves as a conference venue and hotel.

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