VisitNordfyn - Bogense

VisitNordfyn Bogense

The tourist office in Bogense is situated at the old harbour - a beautiful place full of restaurants and shops. Come visit us! Use our digital map, Q&A screen or event screens to find out more about what to see and do. 

We offer:

  • Personal service and self-service
  • Maps of North Funen
  • Bike maps and walking maps
  • Brochures from all of Denmark
  • Suggestions for your accommodation
  • Tennis court rental 

We sell:

  • Camping licenses
  • Angling licenses
  • Bicycle maps
  • Souvenirs from North Funen
  • Postcards & stamps


Opening hours

Open for self service all year round:

8:00-22:00 on all days in summer (April-September)

9:30-16:30 on all days in winter

Open for personal service:

Monday-Friday 9:30-16:30


Opening Hours Summer 2018

Self-service: 8:00-22:00

Personal service:


Monday-Friday: 9:30-16:30

Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Weeks 27-33:

Monday-Friday: 9:30-17:30

Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-15:00

Weeks 34-37:

Monday-Friday: 9:30-16:30

Saturday: 10:00-14:00


Phone hours:

Monday-Friday from 8:00, otherwise the phone hours follow the opening hours for personal service.


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Vestre Havnevej 9B
5400 Bogense


+45 64812044


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    • Authorized tourist office



Longitude : 10.081890307854
Latitude : 55.566814142907