Langesø Forest at Morud

Langesø Forest is a beautiful place to go for a walk, relaxation or a picnic, and there's always something to look at. 

If you want to go for a bike ride, you can try the MTB trails in the forest. You have to buy a license before you can go - contact the Langesø Manor administration to get it.

The area also contains many horse trails, and it is a great place to go for a ride. You must buy a licence before you take your horse to the forest. Contact the Langesø Manor administration to get a licence.

The forest is privately owned, and all traffic is permitted only on roads and trails and only from 6:00 until sunset.

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5462 Morud


+45 65964080


  • Facilities

    • Walking route
    • Lavatory
    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Coach park
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Longitude : 10.206307
Latitude : 55.432448