Child Wash in Bogense

Photo: VisitNordfyn
The love and tenderness radiate from the figures, even though they are completely cold, for Child Wash is a very vibrant and beautiful sculpture.

Østergade 23

5400 Bogense

A mother lovingly washing her child in front of the townhall in Bogense, and the nice scene has become very popular among both children and adults - perhaps also because children like the small pool with water ...

The statue “Child wash”, made by the Norwegian artist Fritz Røed, is a beautiful representation of motherly love.

The bronze statue with a water basin was inaugurated in the year 1970 with a donation from the Albani Fund.

Fritz Røed was a very recognized and popular artist, therefore similar statues of “Child wash” were also placed in Oslo, Bergen and Larvik.


Østergade 23

5400 Bogense




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