Skovsgårde Biavl

Buy delicious honey from the farm between Brenderup and Morud - three different types, produced on nature's terms!

On North Funen, in a small village called Skovsgårde, you can find a lovely family farm. Since 2008, the farm has been the foundation for Dorte and Peter Lundager’s beekeeping. Here the whole family produces honey on nature’s own terms. The bees collect nectar from flowers and bushes.

Skovsgårde Biavl produces three kinds of honey: spring honey, summer honey and fall honey.

If you want to try out the honey, you can buy it in a small stable on the property. In the stable you will find a small container for money and all three kinds of honey.

At Skovsgårde Biavl you can also buy bee queens or rent a whole bee family to pollinate your fields.