Rønnov Fisk - the fish van on Bogense Harbour

If you want fresh fish and delicious smoked fish, buy fish for your dinner table from the fish van on Bogense Harbour!

Smoked and fresh fish

You'll find the fish van at Bogense Old Harbour on Vestre Havnevej 1. Here you can buy smoked fish, fresh fish and fried fish fillets. The fish delicacies are from Rønnov Fisk in Bogense.

Rønnov Fisk has their very own smokehouse, where they make fantastic smoked fish.

Rønnov Fisk is especially known for their cold-smoked Rønnov salmon, which is smoked over beech wood in the old-fashioned way. You will find Rønnov Fisk on Odensevej 127 in Bogense.

Opening hours:

The fish van on Bogense Old Harbour is open

Wednesday-Friday 10.30-16.00

Saturday 10.30-14.00