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Open House Sundays at Gyldensteen Strand

Hear about Gyldensteen Strand's exciting nature when the researchers come to visit, and the old threshing barn is open - several Sundays during the summer!

Welcome to the threshing barn on Gyldensteen Strand!

During the summer, students and researchers from SDU come to visit Tærskeladen, and there is a good opportunity to hear about the exciting research projects that are going on and about Gyldensteen Strand.

At the same time, you can also see the old threshing barn, which was originally built by Gyldensteen Gods when there was farming here. Inside you can hear stories about the area, learn much more about nature in the area, borrow landing nets, see life under water in a microscope and see a large collection of stones found at the island Æbelø by the amateur geologist Holger Garnak.

There are different exhibitions throughout the summer.

Opening hours


June 4
June 11
July 2nd
July 16
August 6
August 13
August 20
August 27

All days at 13.00-15.00.

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