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Neder Mølle Horse B&B

Let your horse enjoy the holiday in a lovely B&B only for horses - or go on a riding camp with your horses and your friends!

Bring your horse on holiday in the old mill Neder Mølle in Bogense, 3 kilometres from the town square and 150 metres from the bus stop.

  • Large boxes min. 11 m². 
  • Riding grounds.
  • 150 metres to a riding school with 2 indoor arenas.
  • Access to the beach as well as the forest.
  • Guided tours from the riding school during summer.
  • It is also possible to buy lessons from the riding master.

Riding camp or a cheap holiday

Perhaps you and your friends would like to go on your own riding camp? We have room for 11 horses from June to August. Outside of season, please contact the owner and we'll see what can be arranged.

If you want a cheap holiday with your horse, you can stay here in a tent, rent rooms or stay in a caravan.
Trailer parking is possible.


Horse stabling - if you muck out the stable: DKK 100,-/day and DKK 500,-/week (Sunday-Saturday)

Personal service, incl. mucking out the stables: DKK 100,-/week
Bell boots, stable bandages, horse blanket in the paddock: DKK 100,-/week