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Iscafé Bogense

At Iscáfé Bogense you can treat yourself to tasty homemade ice cream from the café's own production - in a beautiful and cozy setting!

Iscafé Bogense is a cosy ice cream parlour located in connection with the burger bar Lovely Loui.

You can choose from a large selection of flavours, with both classics such as vanilla and chocolate as well as more exciting flavours with fresh fruits and nuts on the menu.

Iscafé Bogense has its own ice cream production, which guarantees that high-quality ingredients are always used to ensure the right flavour experience.

Enjoy your ice cream as a dessert after your burger or treat yourself after a walk on the beach with a scoop and a cup of coffee.

Opening hours

Monday-Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 17-21.

Friday-Sunday: 12-21.

Always check the current opening hours at iscafebogense.dk

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