Guided tour of the flattest North Funen

Photo: VisitNordfyn
Explore North Funen's beautiful, flat landscape and the lovely coast of Bogense on a nice 3 hour guided hike! The route is 8.5 km long.

Vestre Havnevej 9B

5400 Bogense




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On North Funen it is no shame that it's flat - it just means you can see the blue horizons.

But we begin somewhere high, namely with the most beautiful view from the church hill at Bogense Church. We'll walk along the dike and see the beautiful view from a bird tower and walk on the path along the small brook that meanders through the town of Bogense. If you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of the mermaids playing in the creek...

We'll walk along the water's edge, in the old part of Bogense and through an idyllic little village and endup in Bogense again.

The route is 8.5 km.


The tour will take place at 10-13 15 October.

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Price: DKK 50, -

Meeting point: The square in front of the VisitNordfyn tourist office, Vestre Havnevej 9B, 5400 Bogense.

You can park in the large car park at Bogense Marina and walk from there to VisitNordfyn. Free parking.

You can find a map of North Funen at the tourist office.


Vestre Havnevej 9B

5400 Bogense

Opening hours

15 Oct 20 / 15 Oct 20


10:00 - 13:00

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