Guided bike tour along Flyvesandet, Egebjerggård and Kjørup

Photo: Jens Wognsen
Join the unique bike ride on the very tip of Funen!


5450 Otterup


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Experience a wonderful bike ride through time and place when nature guide Daniel G. Sørensen takes you on a tour of Flyvesandet.

Enjoy the beautiful view at Flyvesandet and hear more about the nature reserve at Agernæs Flak and the fascinating nature of the Storskoven woods and the Skovmose bog. Hear the story of one of Denmark's first reclaimation projects, namely the Krogsbøllefjord, which was carried out as early as 1781. See the beautiful manor houses Kjørup and Egebjerggård and hear the exciting stories about the area.


The tour will take place at 10-14.15 on the following dates: Sunday, June 28, Tuesday, August 4, Sunday, August 9, and Sunday, August 16.

Price: DKK 75, -

Good to know

The bike tour is 18 km long

The meeting place is at the parking lot by the forest on Flyvesandet

Remember to bring water bottles or a thermos with coffee.

The tour is by the coast, so please be aware that it can be a little colder and more windy than inland.



5450 Otterup

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