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Free cinema for kids in Fredskoven

Come for a good time in the cinema in Fredskoven for the Danish-language films Maja the Bee or Robot Brother - or both!

Come along when we show films in the large hall during the autumn holidays!

At At 09.30 we'll open the doors, and you can to buy snacks for the film.

At 10.30-12.00 you can watch the film: Maja the bee and the golden egg

The film is for all age groups.

At 13.00 we'll open the doors again with fresh supplies.

At 14.00-15.30 you can watch the film: Robot brother.

The film is recommended for everyone over the age of 7.

Both movies are in Danish.

Snacks and café

In the small hall there is a café for the grownups.

You can buy snacks at the entrance, namely popcorn, water, soft drinks, large and small candy bags and coffee and cake for the parents.

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks.

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