Artist Gitte Krabbe

Natural phenomena, existence and the human mind are favorite motifs, which find expression in sculptures and different techniques - see for yourself!

The artist Gitte Krabbe works with different materials, depending on the expression and qualities she wants to promote.

Her favorite materials are bronze, concrete, clay, plaster, other types of pulp she produces herself, as well as paintings of various kinds, including resin painting. Common denominators in her expression are sensuality, movement and organic forms in clumsy grace.

Gitte Krabbe's artwork and gallery are housed in a beautiful old half-timbered farm, forming a quadrangular courtyard, from 1770. The old horse stable has been transformed into a rustic gallery that is used for larger exhibitions of her own or other works. Usually, a slightly smaller workshop in the main house is open by appointment.


Opening hours

Open by appointment.