Fishing on North Funen

Photo: Jens Wognsen

North Funen has a 154 km coastline with good fishing grounds and plenty of sea trout, mullets, flatfish and many other fish. Good luck fishing - good things come to those who bait!

North Funen is an angler's paradise - or at least so close to it that we'll use the term... Here is 154 km of coast where you can catch sea trout, hornfish, mullets, mackerel and flatfish. Want us to guarantee you'll catch a fish? Go with a guide on a fishing trip and learn all the great tips and tricks. Or head out to a fishing lake and try your luck. If you want to go fishing in the sea or in Odense Fjord, you can of course rent a boat.

Take the fishing rod with you - it'll be a great fishing holiday on North Funen. Tight lines!


Fishing lakes

Bring your family to the best fishing lakes!

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Fishing spots on North Funen

See the best fishing spots along the coast!

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Rent a boat

Rent a boat and go fishing in Odense Fjord or in the sea!

If you're going out on your own, there are slipways at Skåstrup Strand, Bogense Harbour, Fuglsang Strand and Klintebjerg Harbour in Odense Fjord.

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