Gyldensteen Strand close to Bogense is always beautiful

Gyldensteen Strand - Between Land and Sea

Several million tonnes of water poured in when the dikes were removed from the coast near Bogense in 2014. No reason for wories; it's all part of Funen's largest nature conservation project. Gyldensteen Strand was reclaimed in the 19th century, and the seabed was transformed into farmland. But now the water has come back, and a lagoon and lakes in the area have been recreated. Come here for a walk! There are good hiking trails and bird towers in different parts of the area, so you can get a nice view of the beautiful area. Maybe you can also spot a sea eagle? Please note that you must stay on the paths and the area of Gyldensteen Strand as seen on the map here. Bring a packed lunch with you - here is a roofed picnic area with tables and benches where you can relax after a nice walk.

Gyldensteen Strand on North Funen

Gyldensteen Strand next to Bogense

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gyldensteen strand

Open House Sundays at Gyldensteen Strand

Welcome to the Threshing Barn at Gyldensteen Strand! It's open every Sunday from the middle of May to the end of August.