Enebærodde and the view of Gabet

Enebærodde - between the Sea and the Fjord

Pack a nice picnic basket, grab your bike and find the binoculars - it's time to experience the beautiful Enebærodde. The spit separates Odense Fjord from Kattegat, and there are only 400 meters between the tip of the spit at the lighthouse and Lodshuse on Hindsholm, the other side of the fjord. Enebærodde offers good sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun or a fresh dip in the waves. There are also many good fishing spots along the spit, so bring the fishing rod.

You'll get a good look of Enebærodde along the 12-km path which runs along the coast of the spit. Here you can see the woods planted in the 19th century, and you can enjoy Funen's largest heath with the juniper bushes that gave the spit its Danish name which means Juniper Spit. Along the coast to Odense Fjord, there is bird sanctuary. You can also see Galloway cattle grazing the spit, and you may also see some of the the other residents: There is a a large population of adders on Enebærodde, and you might see them sunbathing in the sand. But don't worry - they are more afraid of you than you are of them. You reach Enebærodde by driving towards the houses at Halshusene where there is a large parking lot. Cars are not allowed on the spit. Enjoy the peace and quiet - go and see the unique nature!