Find Europe's largest bison farm on North Funen!

Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm - the largest bison farm in Europe

Did you know that you can find Europe's largest bison farm in Denmark?

Visit Ditlevsdal Bison Farm on North Funen and get close to the big bison. More than 400 American bison live here on the prairie of North Funen. Go on an exciting safari in the midst of the impressive animals, stay in shelters overlooking the bison prairie, enjoy the delicious low-fat bison meat at a delicious dinner at Ditlevsdal's restaurant or buy souvenirs and bison meat from the farm shop. You can also try the obstacle course with the fun challenges. Every summer, there are lots of activities for the whole family. Bring your kids and join the bison safari!

Safari on Ditlevsdal

Join the Bison Safari!

Get close to the impressive animals on a guided safari in a prairie waggon!

Restaurant Ditlevsdal

Restaurant Ditlevsdal

Enjoy the delicious bison meat!

Ditlevsdal farm shop

Ditlevsdal Farm Shop

Buy bison delicacies and souvenirs!

Bo mellem bisonokserne

Shelters på Ditlevsdal

Bo helt tæt på de store bisonokser i et hyggeligt shelter!