Æbelø - the Pearl on Top of North Funen

Be an adventurer for a day and explore the deserted island of Æbelø next to the North Funen coast.

Æbelø offers a beautiful beach, outstanding scenery, an idyllic forest and beautiful plains where you can see the muflons and deer, the only large inhabitants of the island now. Æbelø was previously covered with forest, and there was also farming. There was a small community of more than 40 people living here until the 1950s, and you can still see some of their buildings.

Today the island is a protected nature reserve, where nature is allowed to take care of itself. There is a pair of owls who breed every year, the majestic sea eagles, and many other birds and animals on the island - remember to bring binoculars. Æbelø is also a fantastic fishing spot all around the island. As you walk the paths or along the coast of Æbelø, you'll see the cliffs slowly progressing into the sea. It is the plastic Æbelø clay that causes the layers of soil to slide apart. Therefore, some of the big beech trees end up in the ocean.

Here's what to do - pack a food basket and enjoy a nice hike!

Remember - please look at the tide table and bring water, dry shoes and everything you need for the hike. There is no water or shops on the island, and you must bring everything yourself. There are no other means of transportation, except by kayak, canoe, or small boats.

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Æbelø from the air

See the deserted island from the air and get inspiration for your own visit to the island