North Funen

Welcome to North Funen!

North Funen is top of Funen – in every way. Here you’ll find an amazing nature, great sandy beaches, lovely towns and lots of fun adventures. North Funen offers a 154 km coastline where you can catch sea trout at some of the best fishing spots in Denmark. You can also celebrate Christmas with the locals; explore the deserted island Æbelø; go for a bike ride at Enebærodde between Kattegat and Odense Fjord; visit a castle - and much, much more. North Funen is waiting for you!

Visit Denmark's largest Christmas Bazaar!

Visit the Beautifully Decorated Castle and Buy Gifts and Baubles

This Used to be Farmland - Now the Water has Taken Over

You'll Find Many Different Angling Spots Here!

Enjoy the sand, the waves, and the great view!

Admire the Architecture and Let History Inspire You